Business directions

We are Korean company located in Busan, South Korea and also in Toyama, Japan. Our location enables us to have direct contact with tuning and parts manufacturers in Korean and Japan. Our main business specialty is exporting and selling Korean and Japanese performance car parts and accessories directly from Japanese and Korean manufacturers.

Car tuning and equipment

We’ve been dealing in car tuning and performance supplying business already for 9 years. Aero parts, spoilers, side steps, tuning lights, engine performance parts, check out our catalogs to find items you would like to purchase.

Car parts and accessories

Many of customers who own Korean or Japanese vehicles might be facing difficulty in finding right spare parts on their vehicle. Our goal is to supply cheap spare parts from Korea or Japan directly. Please check out our parts stock catalog or contact us directly.

Cars exports from Korea and Japan

We have access to almost every car auction and car dealers of Korea and Japan. We offer a professional car export service and help clients to select, purchase, transport and ship an automobile from the Korea or Japan to destinations worldwide.

Pre-export cars fixing and tuning

For those customers who choose us as their car exporter we provide fixing and tuning car service right in our workshop. We do car body repair, engine, mission, suspension fixing, install gas equipment, or mount tuning aeroparts to meet our customer's needs.