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Dymco LPG Reducer R2000 with SV

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Product Description
Dymco R2000 LPG Reducer Vaporizer - has to be mounted in OEM car cooling system to provide stable vapor gas pressure to gas injectors. Dymco is one of the world’s leader in lpg/cng car equipment industry. High quality and long durability.

• Single stage heating room
• Vacuum pressure compensation
• Integrated temperature sensor
• Max. Working Intlet pressure = 18 bar
• Adjustable outlet pressure = 0.9 ~ 1.25 bar
• Preset factory pressure = 1.25 bar
• Temperature range: -40 ~ +120
• Works up to 330HP.
• SV version works up to 280HP.
• Gas Inlet: 6mm / 8mm
• For cars with big engine displacement

Version of R2000 without integrated Solenoid Valve: